Why Investing In SEO Is Mandatory For Chiropractors In 2023

If you don’t invest now, your competitors will. Are you ready to give away your new patients?

— Dr. Patrick MacNamara, Founder, DCRank

A strong web presence is necessary for businesses today, and the same is true for your chiropractic practice. These days, word of mouth referrals are not enough to grow your practice.

Prospects are now looking online when they need to find a chiropractor, and you will miss out on a significant number of potential patients if your chiropractic website does not rise to the top of search engine rankings in your area.

Why You Need SEO as a Chiropractor

chiropractic seoWhen people generically search for the term “chiropractor,” they come up with literally millions of results. However, without proper chiropractic SEO strategies, your site might never show up when people search for chiropractors in your local area.

Matter of fact, they may not even be able to find your site when they are specifically looking for it. Search engine optimization is the key to keeping your site from being buried among the other thousands of sites on the web.

Proper on-page, off-page, and local SEO can work wonders for your chiropractic business. But let’s be honest — you don’t have the time to devote to SEO while you are taking care of patients!

That’s where we come in. We will take care of your SEO strategy so that you can focus on providing your very best in chiropractic services that keep your patients coming back!

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO includes the factors that determine whether your site is among the thousands of web pages that are buried in the search engine results, or whether it rises above the others. It lets search engines, like Google, know what is on your page.

Your basic content (the actual words on each page of your website) is the starting point for good on-page chiropractic SEO. It needs to be well-written, relevant to chiropractic topics, and long enough for search engines to recognize that it is a real page.

The proper use of keywords throughout each page is essential for search engine rankings, too. You need a high enough keyword density so that Google recognizes your page as relevant, but not so many keywords to seem like spam.

Keyword placement also affects the results, so make sure you optimize the use of keywords throughout your site.

On-page SEO is the critical first step to an effective SEO strategy. Even though our forté is off-page SEO, we’ll audit your site’s on-page performance whenever you first join as a new member.

This report can then be turned over to your webmaster so that they can correct any issues before we start getting aggressive with our off-page strategies.

Off-Page SEO

seo campaigns for chiropractorsOn-page SEO may be what you think of when you first think about SEO, but off-page SEO is just as important because search engines consider your site’s entire online presence when ranking your site in the search results. Your entire online presence extends — or should extend — far beyond your own website.

Some of the best strategies for improving off-page chiropractic SEO are labor-intensive for us. One of the most effective approaches is maintaining a blog on chiropractic-related topics.

Posting on forums, updating your social media accounts, and submitting articles and press releases to various websites and media outlets are additional methods. If these approaches sound like more than you can handle, you are probably right.

Letting us do the work for you saves you tons of time so that you can devote yourself entirely to your patients.

Additional off-page SEO strategies that we can employ include but are not limited to the following.

  • Cross-linking within your site.
  • Backlinking to your site from other sites.
  • Submitting your site to search engines (not just Google!) and online directories.
  • Developing interactive widgets, such as polls, to engage website visitors.

Local SEO

Local SEO is an often overlooked component of SEO. It is not necessary for online-only businesses, where services are provided online or goods are shipped to your home. In these transactions, the locations of the company and customer are irrelevant.

However, local SEO plays a role for businesses with brick-and-mortar storefronts like chiropractors. Your potential clients are likely to search for terms such as “chiropractor in [city name].”

They are, logically, only interested in chiropractors in your area. If your website does not have local SEO, the other chiropractors in your area — your competitors — are going to rank higher in the results. Chances are that the prospective patient will find a chiropractor long before getting down to where you rank in the results.

Using local SEO, we will tell the search engines where your chiropractic office is located so that clients searching for a provider in your area will come across your website. The strategy is not as simple as listing your address on your website, although that is necessary, too. We take care of the rest of the local SEO, including but not limited to the following.

  • Setting up a Google My Business account
  • List your location with Google Maps
  • Submit your information to local directories.

We also help you develop better online reviews in directories. These can help you get patients not only from generating leads directly from these directories, but also because more reviews has a positive impact in your search engine results as well as proof your services are effective.

So, as you can see, chiropractic SEO is more complex than most chiropractors think. Just like a perfectly delivered chiropractic adjustment, chiropractic SEO requires the proper professionals to get the job done correctly.

Don’t let your competitors take away new patients from your practice just because you don’t rank well!

Get started with DCRank today and we’ll show you the difference quality chiropractic SEO can make for you, your chiropractic website and your practice.

Dominate Your Local Market Today!

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