Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Our Chiropractic SEO Services

How much will this cost?

Pricing is made available only to those that are on our waiting list. Not on the list? Then click HERE.

Are your fees monthly or one-time?

Our fees are monthly (every 30 days) with a recommended commitment of at least six months to see considerable ranking gains.

SEO isn't something you do once and forget. Instead, it requires constant work to keep up with Google and their ongoing algorithm changes. The best way we can explain it is to think of it like a gym pass for your business.

How do you determine exclusivity?

Our services are exclusive to one doctor per market. This means if you hire us, other chiropractors in your area will not be allowed to order our services.

Why? Because we don't want to be competing against ourselves! 🙂

Is there a contract with your services?

No. We won't lock you into a contract but we do recommend that you give us at least six months to prove the ROI of your investment.

In other words, don't hire us if you can only commit to a few months worth of service.

That wouldn't give us enough time to see major ranking changes since our initial campaigns require a few months to roll out.

What happens after I signup?

Once your initial payment has been received, we'll send you the link to another page that allows you to fill out all of the specifics about your chiropractic practice, business location and keywords you want to target.

After you submit the aforementioned, we'll begin working through the steps necessary to get your SEO campaigns kickstarted as quickly as possible.

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Quit losing new chiropractic patients to your competitors! Tap into our powerful SEO services and gain an unfair advantage against other chiropractors within your market.

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